It’s a Jake’s life!

The greatest job in the world? Yep, that’s why we simply ask each other “How long you been on THE JOB?”

But “The Job” takes a toll on us. It takes a toll physically, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes, psychologically. Firefighters are the most selfless and dedicated people to their careers and the public they serve. As such we deserve to finish our 25 or 30 plus years prepared to enjoy life after the tones have stopped dropping.

It’s to that end that I publish “Salty Jake Life”. You’ll find posted here a plethora of things that can help you make it to your retirement in one piece and then, when you do, enjoy life, hopefully, for a long, long time.

Look for pieces on; Life around the Firehouse, Fitness and Health, Fishing, Outdoors, and Travel, Faith, and Financial Advice as well as an assortment of other topics that are bound to get your interest.