I’ve gotten some really good feedback from several of the pieces on the Salty Jake Life Blog and I appreciate it. It’s difficult to write and do videos on topics as light as firehouse coffee makers and as serious, and tragic, as firefighter suicide but I’ve been trying to do it. That’s a balance that is, not hard, but impossible to walk.

So….I’ve got it in the works to create two separate blogs and YouTube Channels.

This will remain…with a name change…a blog focused on firefighter safety and health issues and I’ve got ideas for pieces on cancer prevention, more fitness, cardiac health, Testosterone and Hormone Replacement Therapy, defeating insulin resistance, etc, etc.

The new blog will be called “The Fishin’ Fireman” and, duh, that’s where I’ll post fishing pieces, do the fish camp and guide reviews, and whatnot. Many of these pieces will link to YouTube videos which will be remaining on, what is now, the Salty Jake Life Channel but will be changing into “The Fishin’ Fireman” Channel as soon as a new logo is created.