New YouTube Channel

So I added a YouTube Channel. Yeah, there will be a lot of outdoors content on it. I’ll be posting a few short videos (5 minutes give or take) weekly for parents who want to take their kids fishing but don’t know how to fish. That category is titled Pond Chums. I’m also starting a monthly segment, Fish Camp Scamps, of longer (around 20 minutes) where we’ll review a combination of lodging, a guide service, and a restaurant in each episode. I’ll be covering a great portion of the southeast and fishing for everything from Speckled Trout and Redfish, to Rainbow Trout, Smallies, and (of course) Largemouth Bass. And I’ll be fishing with some cool folks too. I’m looking forward to it!

With that said though I’ve got some ideas in mind for our fire service interests too; chatting with Gatlinburg about the wildfire that hit them so hard in 2016, talking with some guys in Charleston about the, beyond tragic, Super Sofa Fire, and probably stopping in at firehouses around the southeast when we video the Fish Camp Scamp episodes.

I’ve got some helmet cam footage here from my days at Cobb so I put this together from footage in and around Station #7.

Station 22’s territory and the incomparable Bo Tibbs!

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