Personal Best Toad!

Truth be told, I’m playing around with adding videos to the blog more than anything else here but I thought this one would be a good one to start with.

It’s actually just over a year old. It was a very chilly morning and I walked down to the pond with the boys. Teaching them the value of fishing painfully slow when it’s very cold.

I was throwing a creature bait on a shaky head. Made a long cast and when I reeled up the slack big mama was already on. She hit it on the fall. I’d already let Nathan reel in about a two pounder. Had I known this one was right at nine pounds I might have rethought handing the rod to Caleb but he did fine. I love Nathan offering instructions and his enthusiasm for his brother. Oh, and Caleb’s comment of “That’s a good fish…” don’t tell me they aren’t listening to you. He’s heard me utter that a couple of times.

Just shy of nine pounds!

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